Sketchbook Ready For USA!

Posted on Thursday,19th March 2015

My little ‘Sketchbook Project’ sketchbook is now complete and ready to be posted back to Brooklyn from where it will begin on its tour of America.  At the end of the tour my little cut work book will return back to Brooklyn Art Library where it will remain on permanent display for people to scan out and view.

The theme of my Sketchbook this year is ‘City Lights’. It mainly features cut work mixed with some painting and drawing. My aim was to make light the focus throughout my sketchbook by creating multiple layers the pages project patterns and cast shadows themselves.

Sketchbook Pages Part 2 . . . (for Part 1 please see blog post ‘Sketchbook so far . .’ posted on 21st August 2014)


I will miss my book when it goes, I hope that people will enjoy browsing my sketchbook as much as I have enjoyed working in it!

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