Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns seem to be on trend at the moment. They can be seen everywhere in all areas of design.

I am currently being drawn towards this theme and have started to create designs based upon repeated shapes, blocks and lines. But what exactly is a geometric pattern?

A geometric pattern is a nonrepresentational pattern, usually made up of shapes, that has been arranged into an order or a repeat. Some geometrical patterns may be based on mathematics as if there is an invisible geometric grid underneath the design on which the pattern is created. Sometime the patterns are deliberately constructed to look unbalanced and asymmetrical. Here are just some of my favourites taken from the book Patterns by Drusilla Cole.

To see some amazing examples of geometrics in art don't miss the Adventures of the Black Square, Abstract Art and Society 1915-2015, an exhibition which is now on at the Whitechapel Gallery, London. Ending 16th April 2015. The exhibition explores how the universal language of geometric abstraction relates to society and politics. For more information visit